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There are many Hearthstone Bots around that you can find online for free. The next wing in Hearthstones extension Naxxramas, plague quarter, to open already Tuesday night at 23:59 of its gates. We take a look at the cards that there will be as a reward.

The plague quarter will lead with Noth, Heigan and Loatheb again three bosses in the field. In this article, we tell you what tricks they offer. Here to go there but, what cards you live off after their early (or rather late period-) left.

Steinhautgargoyle - a 1/4-servant for 3 Mana, who fully heals itself completely at the beginning of the player's turn. A neutral card which would benefit enormously from ridicule, if you somehow could hills to the ability you buffs or servant skills. Otherwise probably not a hit.

Heigan, the dancers among the undead, there are:

Unstable ghoul - a 1/3 Server with derision for 2 mana. As a death rattle, he does 1 damage to all servants in the field. A neutral card board clear potential in the early trains. With the favorable spot is quite a alternative for defensive Hearthstone decks need a hedge against an early rush.

Schlickspucker - a 3/5 server with derision for 5 Mana, which leaves a lump of mucus with 1 / 2 and also ridicule as a death rattle. A perhaps slightly slower with 5 Mana blocker that but through his legacy not just of the field is to get and provoked two actions of the enemy. Through the death rattle, he, like many other cards has exciting synergy effects with Baron Rivendare (every servant twice röcheln) and used the gravedigger (buffed up with each played servant, who has a death rattle effect.)

Loatheb itself - there Loatheb for concluding the Naxxramas disease area to normal. We have recently introduced the card. You can find this type of hearthstone bots on websites like http://hearthstonehacks.org/hearthstone-bot/ for free.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known what classes challenges in the plague quarter on the player lurking. On the rogue and the Druids all classes wait on their class cards that could swirl messed up the meta game at Hearthstone.

Update 12: 00: Ah, the class cards are now well known. This time get the Mage and the hunters of their challenges and class cards. The magician will be rewarded with a secret map "Duplicate" for 3 Mana: If a friendly player dies, the Mage will receive two copies of the map on their own hands. The Hunter Gets the 1/1 wild card "Web spinner", a random wild card in the hand of the Hunter gets her death rattle.

Update 21: the classes the Hunter's challenge is to win with a pre-made deck, consisting of 30 Web spinners against Loatheb. The classes challenge at the Mage, puts them against Heigan. This is a pretty balanced deck available.