Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Ps3 Hacks

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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Ps3 Hacks

With more than 25 million copies sold to date, Call of Duty: Black Ops is the most successful installment in the saga of Activision, which has continued to grow in recent years, with each new installment. Hated by many, loved by many more, what is unquestionable, in addition to its success is how has popularized the online game on consoles, to unthinkable limits four or five years ago. Not only your system's evolution and bouts of deaths is systematically copied by other shooters, it was even able to create all kinds of businesses to his around, like the of the "youtubers", which never fail to upload gameplay videos to your channel, and that according to some, are becoming millionaires in this way... You won't find better Black Ops 2 Hacks for the Playstation 3 elsewhere.

Such was the success of Black Ops, the higher peak of popularity of the saga, which has not managed to overcome sales, even the later Modern Warfare 3 so it was logical that Treyarch and Activision decided to perform a direct continuation. The study of Santa Monica has gone from being the second son of the saga, in the shadow of the creators of the series, has be the leaders the fate of the brand, after the espantada and controversy of the founders of Infinity Ward.

Rather than pucker before this responsibility, Treyarch has grown in all aspects, after the enormous personality of the first Black Ops, again with risky in some respects sequela, and who will surprise with its campaign to those who expect more of the same, at least in the form that not in background. If the 2010 game wore in the 1960s in the middle of the cold war, Black Ops II makes unexpected leap into the future, to 2025, while maintaining a strong link with the past, returning characters from the first delivery.

The war of the future, which many could fear for weapons, vehicles and robots too futuristic or unrealistic, is done with much intelligence, some realism and consistency. First because in multiplayer, despite what may seem, not too much things change, incorporating some rather curious spate of casualties, but in any case desnivelen or broken items, and weapons, when it comes to the truth, do not change too. And in the single player campaign, this leap into the future is relative, since the story takes place in two time frames, 1986 and 2025, and continue the adventures of Alex Mason and Frank Woods.

Something that is evident is that according to the multiplayer has been improving, growing and gaining in importance with the passage of the years, the single player campaign has become more irrelevant, to the point that many of those who buy the game even bother to test it, casting directly to the multiplayer. Black Ops II is an absolute reflection of this trend, with a good single player campaign, or if we do a little blind eye to their defects - no artificial intelligence, amount of scripts, shooting little original - even remarkable, a very entertaining and expanded zombies mode, and a multiplayer just brilliant. But despite being aware that the greater value of the product is its multiplayer, we are old school, continue giving campaign for a player the importance that it deserves, and for this reason, we will begin with her. Download this fantastic Black Ops 2 Ps3 hacks now for free!

It is said that in the action or adventure film, a film may be as good as its villain, and will be memorable or forget the five minutes to finish depending on this aspect, something that for example we can see very clear in the James Bond films. In Call of Duty: Black Ops II have opted to create a "bad" very dramatic scale, Raul Menendez, and although it may seem exaggerated, the story revolves around it, being their role even more important than that of Alex Mason, Frank Woods or David Mason, the "good guys", something already on its pretty amazing.