Clash of Clans Tips

Clash of Clans what is it exactly?

Clash of Clans Tips

Welcome to the site about one of the most played game on the moment: Clash of Clans.
It is very popular all over the world including in Netherlands and America.

Clash of Clans is a free to Download app, you can clash of clans play on both android and ios devices.
Clashofclans is a strategy game much further beyond just building a village.
You must, among other things, try as much as possible to get trophies in possession.
In addition you should also, as far as possible, raw materials: gold, Elixir and dark elixir to get see.
Clashofclans is only to play but also together with friends in a private clan, which can give your own name and logo.

Clash of Clans is created by Supercell, the website has no connection with supercell and is made purely to give more details about the great game. You can learn alot from the official website for clash of clans tips, tricks and hacks.

Clash of clans is about your village that you get at the very beginning of the game.

The intention is to create a powerful settlement of this small village.
You can buy for your village buildings and structures you can always improve.
For buying and improving your buildings you have raw materials and this you can get in 4 ways:

When you buy gold mines produce Elixir pumps and these raw materials, this goes faster as you get the pumps and improved mines
to a higher level,

You can also attack other villages and steal another player's raw materials,
You can steal of the gobelins, raw materials
Finally, you can buy gems that you can buy everything, but this is an expensive business.
Win trophies

At Clashofclans you not only get gold and Elixir as you attack WINS, but you also get trophies at a
victory. In Clash of clans take off your on the list of best players by as much as possible to obtain trophies.
It is only not yet so easy to earn these trophies.

You should also have a strong village themselves. Because if being attacked by one of the other players by
Clashofclans you lose your hard-earned trophies again.
At the game Clashofclans is it so important to have a good balance between a strong defense and
a strong attack. When attacks you should also still good estimate whether you can win,
because if you attack fails and you lose, you lose your own trophies.

Clash of Clans tips

To Clash of Clans to start properly it is useful to first read some tips you can find on our tips page clash of clans.

There are a number of issues that almost everyone are doing wrong when starting Clash of Clans and you can make a super start directly with these tips.
Also, there are now several Affairs updated whereby old tips not always more up to date. Clash of Clans is 1 year and with our tips get your
many older players in quickly.

Clash of Clans addiction
Clash of Clans is very addictive so before you start you'll need to ask yourself how much time you have to play well
because once you're under the spell of Clash or Clans can this cost you quite a few hours of sleep.

Clash of Clans 1 year
Clash of Clans existed in August 2013 1 year and therefore gave a gift to all players. The game is free to download from the
App Store on the iphone, ipad and ipod touch. Meanwhile, Clash of Clans can also available, and all Android Android tablet
and Android smartphone owners also Clash of Clans playing to your heart's content.

Clash of Clans Android
As said is Clash of Clans finally also available for Android via the link below you can download Android

Because Clash of Clans now also available for Android will take the number of players and plenty of opportunities to rapidly go

new players to attack and Rob. There is also the opportunity to take an extra clan on a non Apple iOS device.

When you clash of clans are going to be playing then make sure you talk with your friends and read many tips on how to get the best can play, make sure also that you get to a few nice friends in the clan so that it can help when you can. you are just starting out with clash of clans playing. By troops from the clan Castle (which you first should fix it) you can get a lot of extra strong troops and benefit from attacking other villages. So choose a clan not for nothing because the game is called clash of clans, with a good clan are you many times stronger than when playing alone.

We also have a's own clan where you are welcome to join, the clan is freely accessible and in our clan is the principle of sharing, as soon as someone wants to ask for troops he/she looks first to see if there are others d