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Star Wars Commander Cheats

Disney Interactive, a game studio that still sometimes cool games and cancels them afterwards, Star Wars has announced: Commander released for iPad. Star Wars: Commander is a Free-to-play combat strategy game, very similar to Supercell's chart-topper Clash of Clans. Later this year there is an Android version of the game.

The first thing that stands out as possible, when you're a little at home in the genre of Star Wars: Commander, is that it is rather seems like Clash of Clans, one of the most popular games on smartphones and tablets at this time. It is not crazy that this Star Wars-game there on looks, but it is not immediately exciting. The first reactions to the game have since been inside: the game doesn't do much new things compared to Clash of Clans or other games in the series, except that it has a Star Wars theme. But that helps it weather to stand out from the grey mass in the two app stores.

There are already some hacks for Ipad that you can find online if you look hard enough. The entire Star Wars franchise has already been very lucrative, all films were a success in the cinema and the revenues were there alone account for more than $ 4 billion, in total with the incidental income there runs this on to some 27 billion dollars.

Today, Disney Interactive and Lucas film with a new strategy game called Star Wars: Commander for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Anyone who has played Clash of Clans, or one of many other games based on this concept, knows what awaits him or her. So a basic build and destroy opponents.

The game begins with some tutorials, after which you get to choose the choice for the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance.

It is therefore the Clash of Clans concept. A free-to-play game. It is intended that you will collect resources to build your base, buildings to upgrade and stronger to train troops. And that can give you all again to buy crystals, which can speed up from 4.49 euros to euro 89.99.

Star Wars by the large fan base that worldwide, it is expected that this can be a hit. A version for Android is in the making.The entire Star Wars franchise has already been very lucrative, all films were a success in the cinema and the revenues were there alone account for more than $ 4 billion, in total with the incidental income there runs this on to some 27 billion dollars.

Today, Disney Interactive and Lucas film with a new strategy game called Star Wars: Commander for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Anyone who has played Clash of Clans, or one of many other games based on this concept, knows what awaits him or her. So a basic build and destroy opponents.

The game begins with some tutorials, after which you get to choose the choice for the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance.

It is therefore the Clash of Clans concept. A free-to-play game. It is intended that you will collect resources to build your base, buildings to upgrade and stronger to train troops. And that can give you all again to buy crystals, which can speed up from 4.49 euros to euro 89.99.

Star Wars by the large fan base that worldwide, it is expected that this can be a hit. A version for Android is in the making.

Warface Hacks for PC

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Warface Hacks for PC

The shop is littered with boxes with upgrades, weapons and extras to purchase and unlock, as beloved logos, gallons and the marks for our multiplayer profile. It is also remarkable that some weapons and upgrades work under the premise of "rent", so after a few days or hours will lose them. A somewhat risky decision and that you may not like all users, especially with what it costs to get some things for free. Interesting is its system of challenges since in addition to the usual in the genre and get X number of deaths in a particular form or use the various arsenals, it is also possible to hire challenges upon payment of $. That means that we will have a few hours to meet him and if we do that, we will obtain a juicy reward. The Lair and the possibility of creating clans, complete all that we will find by Warface game options. Get the new Warface hacks for free!

Focusing as in game modes, let's start to detail the cooperative, through which you can access teams of two to five people and participate in a series of missions. To begin with, we have two missions of initiation which, once, they will open road to the daily stages that are divided by difficulty and that Crytek promises us news quite regularly. In these missions, collaboration between teammates is important and leaving the ground enemy with a good compensation for classes among the companions. The first will be a stroll, but to the same level go up, it won't be so easy to reach checkpoints. A helicopter will leave us at the starting point and our objectives will be marking dynamically while it explains a brief history through radio transmissions. They are entertaining, despite having found with several bugs in the behavior of the soldiers of the CPU.

In competitive multiplayer we found four fairly typical game modes: place the pump (pump and destroy enemy base), free (kills all enemies), assault (capture control points) and team (eliminating the rival group). Nothing new on the horizon, although sufficient for what is expected of a product of the genre. However, the insufficiency of maps is alarming and its design is not very inspired, limited a little a way that should be the true pillar of Warface. A bit more of effort with the scenarios, it had not been more. A detail that Yes we like is the possibility of joining a room or another depending on our level, and can access the rooms for novice, intermediate and expert players. You can download this hacks from this website with aimbot and wall hack included.

Playable we can say that the command response is good and that the targeted system is correct allowing even change the type of eyepiece from the General options. He has tried to promote the concept of cooperation, since during the skirmishes will be quite normal having to revive companions, providing ammunition or rely on them to overcome any obstacle. The classes are fairly well balanced and its enormous potential for customization are welcome when it comes to increase the fun. But other elements clouding the landscape. For example, the spawn is not very well calibrated (the co-op must wait for a colleague to the next check-point area) and the enemies have an AI well below usual for times that run.

Hearthstone Bots

Hearthstone Bots dominating the Ranked LAdder

Hearthstone Bots

There are many Hearthstone Bots around that you can find online for free. The next wing in Hearthstones extension Naxxramas, plague quarter, to open already Tuesday night at 23:59 of its gates. We take a look at the cards that there will be as a reward.

The plague quarter will lead with Noth, Heigan and Loatheb again three bosses in the field. In this article, we tell you what tricks they offer. Here to go there but, what cards you live off after their early (or rather late period-) left.

Steinhautgargoyle - a 1/4-servant for 3 Mana, who fully heals itself completely at the beginning of the player's turn. A neutral card which would benefit enormously from ridicule, if you somehow could hills to the ability you buffs or servant skills. Otherwise probably not a hit.

Heigan, the dancers among the undead, there are:

Unstable ghoul - a 1/3 Server with derision for 2 mana. As a death rattle, he does 1 damage to all servants in the field. A neutral card board clear potential in the early trains. With the favorable spot is quite a alternative for defensive Hearthstone decks need a hedge against an early rush.

Schlickspucker - a 3/5 server with derision for 5 Mana, which leaves a lump of mucus with 1 / 2 and also ridicule as a death rattle. A perhaps slightly slower with 5 Mana blocker that but through his legacy not just of the field is to get and provoked two actions of the enemy. Through the death rattle, he, like many other cards has exciting synergy effects with Baron Rivendare (every servant twice röcheln) and used the gravedigger (buffed up with each played servant, who has a death rattle effect.)

Loatheb itself - there Loatheb for concluding the Naxxramas disease area to normal. We have recently introduced the card. You can find this type of hearthstone bots on websites like for free.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known what classes challenges in the plague quarter on the player lurking. On the rogue and the Druids all classes wait on their class cards that could swirl messed up the meta game at Hearthstone.

Update 12: 00: Ah, the class cards are now well known. This time get the Mage and the hunters of their challenges and class cards. The magician will be rewarded with a secret map "Duplicate" for 3 Mana: If a friendly player dies, the Mage will receive two copies of the map on their own hands. The Hunter Gets the 1/1 wild card "Web spinner", a random wild card in the hand of the Hunter gets her death rattle.

Update 21: the classes the Hunter's challenge is to win with a pre-made deck, consisting of 30 Web spinners against Loatheb. The classes challenge at the Mage, puts them against Heigan. This is a pretty balanced deck available.

Clash of Clans Tips

Clash of Clans what is it exactly?

Clash of Clans Tips

Welcome to the site about one of the most played game on the moment: Clash of Clans.
It is very popular all over the world including in Netherlands and America.

Clash of Clans is a free to Download app, you can clash of clans play on both android and ios devices.
Clashofclans is a strategy game much further beyond just building a village.
You must, among other things, try as much as possible to get trophies in possession.
In addition you should also, as far as possible, raw materials: gold, Elixir and dark elixir to get see.
Clashofclans is only to play but also together with friends in a private clan, which can give your own name and logo.

Clash of Clans is created by Supercell, the website has no connection with supercell and is made purely to give more details about the great game. You can learn alot from the official website for clash of clans tips, tricks and hacks.

Clash of clans is about your village that you get at the very beginning of the game.

The intention is to create a powerful settlement of this small village.
You can buy for your village buildings and structures you can always improve.
For buying and improving your buildings you have raw materials and this you can get in 4 ways:

When you buy gold mines produce Elixir pumps and these raw materials, this goes faster as you get the pumps and improved mines
to a higher level,

You can also attack other villages and steal another player's raw materials,
You can steal of the gobelins, raw materials
Finally, you can buy gems that you can buy everything, but this is an expensive business.
Win trophies

At Clashofclans you not only get gold and Elixir as you attack WINS, but you also get trophies at a
victory. In Clash of clans take off your on the list of best players by as much as possible to obtain trophies.
It is only not yet so easy to earn these trophies.

You should also have a strong village themselves. Because if being attacked by one of the other players by
Clashofclans you lose your hard-earned trophies again.
At the game Clashofclans is it so important to have a good balance between a strong defense and
a strong attack. When attacks you should also still good estimate whether you can win,
because if you attack fails and you lose, you lose your own trophies.

Clash of Clans tips

To Clash of Clans to start properly it is useful to first read some tips you can find on our tips page clash of clans.

There are a number of issues that almost everyone are doing wrong when starting Clash of Clans and you can make a super start directly with these tips.
Also, there are now several Affairs updated whereby old tips not always more up to date. Clash of Clans is 1 year and with our tips get your
many older players in quickly.

Clash of Clans addiction
Clash of Clans is very addictive so before you start you'll need to ask yourself how much time you have to play well
because once you're under the spell of Clash or Clans can this cost you quite a few hours of sleep.

Clash of Clans 1 year
Clash of Clans existed in August 2013 1 year and therefore gave a gift to all players. The game is free to download from the
App Store on the iphone, ipad and ipod touch. Meanwhile, Clash of Clans can also available, and all Android Android tablet
and Android smartphone owners also Clash of Clans playing to your heart's content.

Clash of Clans Android
As said is Clash of Clans finally also available for Android via the link below you can download Android

Because Clash of Clans now also available for Android will take the number of players and plenty of opportunities to rapidly go

new players to attack and Rob. There is also the opportunity to take an extra clan on a non Apple iOS device.

When you clash of clans are going to be playing then make sure you talk with your friends and read many tips on how to get the best can play, make sure also that you get to a few nice friends in the clan so that it can help when you can. you are just starting out with clash of clans playing. By troops from the clan Castle (which you first should fix it) you can get a lot of extra strong troops and benefit from attacking other villages. So choose a clan not for nothing because the game is called clash of clans, with a good clan are you many times stronger than when playing alone.

We also have a's own clan where you are welcome to join, the clan is freely accessible and in our clan is the principle of sharing, as soon as someone wants to ask for troops he/she looks first to see if there are others d

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Ps3 Hacks

Get working Black Ops 2 Hacks for the Playstation 3 and 4

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Ps3 Hacks

With more than 25 million copies sold to date, Call of Duty: Black Ops is the most successful installment in the saga of Activision, which has continued to grow in recent years, with each new installment. Hated by many, loved by many more, what is unquestionable, in addition to its success is how has popularized the online game on consoles, to unthinkable limits four or five years ago. Not only your system's evolution and bouts of deaths is systematically copied by other shooters, it was even able to create all kinds of businesses to his around, like the of the "youtubers", which never fail to upload gameplay videos to your channel, and that according to some, are becoming millionaires in this way... You won't find better Black Ops 2 Hacks for the Playstation 3 elsewhere.

Such was the success of Black Ops, the higher peak of popularity of the saga, which has not managed to overcome sales, even the later Modern Warfare 3 so it was logical that Treyarch and Activision decided to perform a direct continuation. The study of Santa Monica has gone from being the second son of the saga, in the shadow of the creators of the series, has be the leaders the fate of the brand, after the espantada and controversy of the founders of Infinity Ward.

Rather than pucker before this responsibility, Treyarch has grown in all aspects, after the enormous personality of the first Black Ops, again with risky in some respects sequela, and who will surprise with its campaign to those who expect more of the same, at least in the form that not in background. If the 2010 game wore in the 1960s in the middle of the cold war, Black Ops II makes unexpected leap into the future, to 2025, while maintaining a strong link with the past, returning characters from the first delivery.

The war of the future, which many could fear for weapons, vehicles and robots too futuristic or unrealistic, is done with much intelligence, some realism and consistency. First because in multiplayer, despite what may seem, not too much things change, incorporating some rather curious spate of casualties, but in any case desnivelen or broken items, and weapons, when it comes to the truth, do not change too. And in the single player campaign, this leap into the future is relative, since the story takes place in two time frames, 1986 and 2025, and continue the adventures of Alex Mason and Frank Woods.

Something that is evident is that according to the multiplayer has been improving, growing and gaining in importance with the passage of the years, the single player campaign has become more irrelevant, to the point that many of those who buy the game even bother to test it, casting directly to the multiplayer. Black Ops II is an absolute reflection of this trend, with a good single player campaign, or if we do a little blind eye to their defects - no artificial intelligence, amount of scripts, shooting little original - even remarkable, a very entertaining and expanded zombies mode, and a multiplayer just brilliant. But despite being aware that the greater value of the product is its multiplayer, we are old school, continue giving campaign for a player the importance that it deserves, and for this reason, we will begin with her. Download this fantastic Black Ops 2 Ps3 hacks now for free!

It is said that in the action or adventure film, a film may be as good as its villain, and will be memorable or forget the five minutes to finish depending on this aspect, something that for example we can see very clear in the James Bond films. In Call of Duty: Black Ops II have opted to create a "bad" very dramatic scale, Raul Menendez, and although it may seem exaggerated, the story revolves around it, being their role even more important than that of Alex Mason, Frank Woods or David Mason, the "good guys", something already on its pretty amazing.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Aimbot

Download the best Aimbot for CS GO 

global offensive aimbot

Roguelikes are hip nowadays-certainly in indie-country. Or Yes, real roguelikes still rarely, but we see more and more games to contain those elements from the roguelike: ' rogue-lites ' called. Think of a Binding or Isaac, FTL: Faster than Light or Spelunky. Also the PC release of Rogue Legacy belongs in this list and now, a year later, this game is also available for all current Playstation platforms. If you are looking for a good Counter Strike Global Offensive Aimbot you came to the right place!

Rogue Legacy is so a ' Rogue-lite ', although this in itself says very little. All the above games after all radically different, despite this denominator. All of them have a different sub-type and in the case of Rogue Legacy is that the 2D platformer. However, what these games have in common is that they have randomly generated levels and that you must play within one life out of them in fact. So are all very challenging games, for which you also need a decent dose of luck as well as skill. You will but a succession of nasty levels encounter and this tricky situations without tools to endure.

The arbitrariness and ' permadeath ' of Rogue Legacy States however but one half of the title. It is a ' legacy ' from ' rogues '. As with the curse of Castlevania's Belmonts is also here a whole family the klos and should try to conquer a generation to the evil Castle. When one character here in fails, you play in the next attempt his son or daughter-hopefully with a hefty inheritance. The gold pieces that the deceased has garnered, you can expand the family Castle, and thus the statistics and to strengthen skills of your heirs. Although the game the roguelike-idea of a single life so maintains more or less, is the one life affects the next.

Free Counter-Strike Global Offensive Hacks for PC

Just like in real life have you children not entirely for choosing. After each death you get assigned a set of three siblings, one of which will have to take over your job as adventurer. Also your brood is randomly generated and each have their own specialties. So the child can prove a wise Wizard, a boorish barbarian, or a fast-paced ninja. But each also has different traits in addition to a ' class '. Some of these are useful as the speed bonus you of ADHD gets. Others, such as having two left hands or not right the sepia filter of nostalgia. Yet other properties make virtually no difference, as when the child is homosexual.Check the new Cs go Aimbot and let us know what you think.

What character you choose, on one secret class after driving them almost the same. This may sound somewhat limited, but in the end it is appropriate: the control is sublime. It's best to describe it as a combination of Mega Man (X) and Castlevania: you have your dash, your double jump and although you rogues usually smooth locomotion, did you always control over here. Despite the necessary amount of happiness of a rogue-lite, you rarely gives Rogue Legacy the idea that you've gone outside to your debt-and that's exactly what distinguishes a good Rogue-lite by the Pack. In a sea of roguelikes and retro-games succeeds Rogue Legacy there so in both principles in a new and original jacket to cross.

About making new arrangements, spoken often go hand in hand with this type of console releases a number of gross changes. So Spelunky has among others a HD make over and Gets The Binding or a demake Isaac with Rebirth. At Rogue Legacy, however, this is not the case: these PSN version is virtually identical to the PC game. Since the initial release, there are some little things added, such as what traits, a new class and more difficult variations on existing bosses, but the PC version got that updates months ago. The only novelty that I have discovered, is the ability to play as a spastic character, making your controller will vibrate at random moments. This feature is not logically in the Vita-version.

Not only is there little to the game added, some old bugs are still not eliminated. In fact, there are even some new issues have been added. Enemy Mages can occasionally still shoot through walls for example, but with the PS3 version I have experienced far greater problems. When you leave the game is jammed several times and also the sound the PS3 fell away on two occasions-a bug where Cellar Door Games apparently not yet of the was aware. The PS4 and Vita-versions seem to run with no major problems.