Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Tools

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Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Tools

But it is truly in the mode Ultimate Team that has the largest number of additions. It is now possible to modify your players shirt numbers, designate kicked shooters arrested directly in the menu team and play simple games online so you can test your team. The number of divisions has also been doubled from 5 to 10, and the maps search system has been improved: you can search directly by typing the name and sorting according to criteria such as the scarcity of the map, for example.

This new system concerns all of the maps of the game, players to contracts. It is also possible to compare two players, yet a good addition practice when you start bargain hunting. Finally, the collective system reviewed, players have more preferred training and morale is no longer a part! The Assembly has been replaced by a system of loyalty, that encourages you to keep your players to increase the collective agreement.

With all that, we have even not dealt with teams in this opus. The Brazilian championship is now officially licensed, and three new Championships also made their appearance: the Argentina, the Chile and the Colombia. Recruitment of South American players aficionados will be thrilled. Some clubs whose Championship is not available are also part, as the Ukrainian club Shakhtar Donetsk or Galatasaray team with its stars. On the other hand, the features are not huge on the side of the national selections, where one always regrets the lack of nations such as Croatia, the Japan or Ghana.

On the 47 national selections available, only 26 are officially licensed, a point which is still a little spot for a big title as FIFA. Same thing with regard to the official licences for international competitions, always absent. On the other hand, it should be noted the effort brought on motion capture this year, with more and more players in the face recognizable and including team of France: Koscielny, Giroud, Payet, Valbuena, or still several players of Lille are now faithfully modeled, an addition of weight for the purpose of disposal. This is an incredible tool that gives you the chance to generate coins and points, you can download it from here

Now that we have discussed the broad outlines of FIFA 14 and stressed the loss of content, let us to the real new features promised for this next-gen version. The first point that leaps to the eye is obviously the graphics of the title: the faces of the players are fine, there are some details expected for the new generation such as the more realistic textures of the Jersey or the sensation of movement of the fabric better made. However, the difference is not obvious during a game: it's pretty true, but don't expect a graphic slap, under penalty of being disappointed. On the other hand, many rather pleasant details appeared in the match and contribute to the realism of the game.

The presence of pickers with bullets, the appearance of players on the bench, the crowd better modeled or the arrival of many small animations between the sequences are new products helping to make the title more immersive than ever. Small favorite also for replays, which are more realistic and allow to enjoy the realism of the contacts or the refinement of textures applied to the players. Pity however that the management of replays is completely passed to the hatch, a very bad surprise on the part of the next-gen version.